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Integrative Medicine Practice Dr Rashel Tahzib

Integrative Medicine Practice 

A Refreshing Alternative. 

I am an advocate for the whole health and well-being of my patients and dedicated to identifying and treating the underlying root causes of disease and using all safe and effective tools available for healing to help optimize health. 

That’s why I use an Integrative Medicine practice Style to deliver the best of all worlds to my patients in order to help reinstate a state of health and well being and minimize the years of life many patients spend sick.

Disappointed with the care that I received through conventional medicine I had to master and develop my Integrative Medicine practice style and master Functional Medicine tools both for my own healing and that of my patients.  

Although wonderful in acute care, many of the treatments implemented by conventional medicine for chronic health ailments actually worsen or even trigger illness, some of which can be chronic, debilitating and even life threatening.  I developed my unique approach and protocols for wellness after decades of research, study and experience. 

Fundamental to my integrative medicine practice is the fact that we are integrated beings and all systems in our body are interconnected and in constant communication within the body and with the external environment.  The concepts and science of both integrative medicine practice and Functional Medicine, approach the patient with this understanding, that we are Integrated beings, not a series of isolated parts, and best benefit from integrative care, using all modalities available for healing and optimizing health not just drugs and surgery. 

Learn more about integrative medicine research programs and how integrative medicine helps overall health and well-being health. 

We will work together and take the time to decipher the root causes of your health problems while we peel away the layers that have contributed to your current state of health.  Through this process, it’s very common for most patients to experience large increments of on-going improvement in health as the layers that contribute to illness are uncovered and addressed and can have full resolution of symptoms or the disease state.

This is described beautifully by Dr. Jeffery Bland, in his book The Disease Delusion, illustrating that diseases, as we have known them until now, don’t in fact exist as a disease entity. They are symptoms of other underlying processes that once identified and treated result in the disappearance of the so-called disease. Through the functional model of medicine we will identify these processes and thereby not only markedly improve your current health but also invest in your long term health and quality of life.

My Practice is set up not with the goal of booking as many patients as possible in a day or hour like some, but in a manner that will give me plenty of time to really listen to you and hear you, and give you plenty of time to tell your story, so that I can make the best assessment and plan for your path to recovery and optimal health.  You connect with a doctor who is actually trying to figure out why your health isn’t optimal  and address the core issues no matter how complex. 

Once illness begins, multiple symptoms can overlap, such as fatigue, joint pain, weight gain, stomach issues like GERD and bloating, or hair loss, skin problems, hormone problems, concentration, muscle aches, mood changes, and diagnoses can overlap such as Hypothyroidism, PCOS, Irritable bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, PMS, Insulin Resistance, Overweight, Hypertension, Depression, Anxiety, ADD, Autoimmune Disease, Arthritis.  

This can make it even harder for conventional doctors to shed light on the root causes of these problems using linear thinking and treating the body as separate isolated systems especially when pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed to mask the symptoms while each pharmaceutical drug can have numerous side effects that contribute to new ill symptoms and more of the very same symptoms and diseases they are trying to manage.

It is important to recognize, that we are interconnected beings, both within our body, where every cell is in communication with other cells and with our environment, where every one of our cells is in communication with our environment.  

That means anything that you think, do, eat, drink, take, are exposed to, interact with and come into contact with at anytime from conception to present day all affects every single one of our cells and thereby our entire body.  Therefore in order to reinstate health we must address the whole person that includes core imbalances such as nutrient deficiencies, toxicity and detoxification, hormone imbalance, gastrointestinal imbalance, nutrition, and lifestyle optimization that are central to the healing process.

My treatment approach uses first, a thorough and complete history from in utero to present day, that helps me get to know my patient and how she or he has arrived to the point she is at today so we can begin work to uncover and address the root causes and start healing. 

We will then use advanced diagnostic testing such as detailed hormone, adrenal, thyroid, immune, cardiovascular, metabolic, nutrients, amino acids, neurotransmitters, allergen testing, as well as detailed Functional Tests such as advanced intestinal cultures and markers, assessment of heavy metals and environmental pollutants, genetic testing and more.

The testing we do and clinical assessment is done with a unique approach using invaluable skills and experience that has allowed me to create the unique approach and angle at getting right to the core of the problems and actually avoiding unnecessary tests and treatments that many undergo without ever being able to actually address and get rid of the problem.  

By getting to the bottom of what factors are a play, patients avoid the this unnecessary Mary go round of testing that is even sometimes seen holistic or Integrative medicine practices that some of the time just ends up costing more and more without actually getting to the root of the problems.

Treatment Plans are tailored for each unique patient, no two are exactly alike, and can include customized nutraceuticals, amino acids, bio-identical hormones, thyroid supplementation, injectable vitamin therapies, dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and certain, medications when needed. Nutrient supplements prescribed are research based, highest grate in purity, and synergistic meaning each ingredient makes the others more effective and clinically proven to address the problems they are prescribed for being that the treatment plans are closely followed.

You will receive answers to your questions and the kind of care I wish I had when I needed it years ago.   And we get to even have some fun in the process, and the opportunity for you to learn about your own body, biochemistry, physiology and genetics and environment while we uncover and identify and treat the root causes of your symptoms or any Diagnoses. This knowledge will place the power of health back in your hand where it belongs.


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