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Medical Conditions

Breakthrough Results For Complex Medical Conditions

We love the patients that most doctors seem to have thrown their hands up on.  Most patients that Dr Rashel cares for have been to multiple other doctors of a variety of specialties, some to world renowned medical centers, and many to other holistic clinics without finding the answers as to the actual root causes of their health problems, and after enduring massive costs for different seemingly fast relief treatment modalities find themselves still not feeling their best ad not having optimal health. Most have been prescribed different medications only to realize they are suffering from their side effects without healing. 

With expertise in Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine Dr Rashel  is highly successful in treating a broad spectrum of chronic, challenging, and debilitating, conditions that are difficult to diagnose.  Integrating the best of conventional medicine with cutting edge contemporary medicine, we provide holistic care using advanced diagnostics to thoroughly assess your condition and identify root causes.  

Based not only on the comprehensive testing and advanced diagnostics results but also on your unique history and clinical symptoms and story, Dr Rashel customizes unique, highly personalized, safe, and effective treatment plans that have given proven results for decades. 

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Latest Testimonials

"Dr Rashel is so wonderful. Best Doctor if you have thyroid or hormone problems. My Wife and I both work with Dr Rashel and she is so caring and spends so much time attention we feel like family."
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"Dr Rashel helped me and my wife with fertility and helped us have our healthy beautiful baby girl. My wife had seen many doctors and done cycle after cycle of failed IVF."
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"Thank you Dr Rashel for everything you have done for me I can never than you enough. I found Dr Rashel after having gone to more than a dozen doctors and finding myself more and more disappointed ..."
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"I want to live the best life at the highest capacity ... I am feeling the best I ever have!"


"I honestly feel a lot better ... I have a lot more energy, I sleep better, I am losing weight"


"I am now running 5k, 30lbs lighter, more active, look younger & feeling very fortunate to have found her."


"You name it, I had it. Rashel was there the whole time, finding out what was really wrong with me."