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At Advance Health Integrative And Functional Medicine we know that optimal health is your birthright. Each of you is born with the inherent wisdom to thrive and heal.  But most forget they have this power and are not able to harness it.  Using a Functional and Integrative Medicine Approach you will be given the most advanced diagnostics combined with the best of both conventional medicine and contemporary medicine holistic, customized, personalized treatment plans that will get your health back on track and give you back power over your health. Dr Rashel Tahzib one of the leading certified Functional Medicine physicians in Los Angeles will partner with you, committed to optimizing your help will help you identify root causes of your health problems and treat them so that you can not only improve your health today, but optimize for a lifetime.    Our functional Medicine approach has been implemented over the last two decades and further polished helping numerous patients, improving lives one patient at a time. Functional Medicine is a new 21st century model of medicine that is full of possibility, health and joy.  We invite you to take the first step as you enter the functional world of possibility and brightness, where you are empowered with information, knowledge, tools to take back control over your own health and well-being and reunite with your intrinsic healing power that has always been your birth right.  Functional Medicine is the evolution of medicine available for you now!

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