What to Expect and how it works

You can start feeling better and working with Dr Rashel in 4 different ways right away

What to expect from your Functional Medicine Consultation

Your hormonal system produces your sex and stress hormones; your digestive system breaks down food for use by the body; and your detoxification system protects you from free radicals and chemical toxicity, both from your environment and from your diet. Every health issue can be traced back to a problem within one or more of your three body systems. Through a detailed medical history and targeted lab testing, that you can do most in the privacy of your own home, Dr. Rashel will assess how each system is working and design an individualized program to rebalance your body.


STEP 2- Receive a complimentary phone call to discuss


STEP 2- Receive a complimentary phone call to discuss

Take you Free Online Health Assessment Now

Dr. Rashel offers a mobile and virtual practice operating in the Greater Los Angeles and Denver area. This allows greater access and flexibility to patients while maintaining the high level of personalized medicine that works with you. Dr. Rashel operates a fee for service cash based practice model that does not accept private insurance or medicare for services. All services whether in-state, telemedicine, or other are billed on a cash for service basis. No Insurance billing or insurance payment is accepted for any or all services rendered.

Initial Functional Medicine Consultation 60 min $695

One Hour Consultation Example Topics:

Functional Medicine Initial Follow up 60 min $695

Routine Functional Medicine Follow up Complex 45 min $475

Example Topics for 45 min Consultation:

Routine Functional Medicine Follow up Concise 30 min $395

Available for established patients only after the first year or once stable. Examples of 30 min Consultations:

15 min Phone Chat Add On

* Additional Time is billed per 15 minutes added $85

* Appointment pricing is subject to change

Functional Wellness Assessment 40 Min $525

If you reside outside of Colorado or California but would still like to work closely with Dr Rashel you can benefit greatly from a Functional Wellness Assessment
Discussion of your unique health journey, possible root causes of your symptoms, individualized customized diet and nutrient plan with targeted vitamin and nutraceutical regimen. Guidance toward the right path of care, recommended testing, medication, nutrients, lifestyle, with focus n root causes and triggers of current health concerns.
Note that with this kind of plan pharmaceutical drugs can not be ordered.

Functional Wellness Follow up 25 Min $375

Once you have completed the online health assessment that can be accompanied by the gut and toxicity quiz we will contact you to set up your initial consultation.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Rashel will review all medical history and recommend lab work specifically for you. Once your lab work has been completed, Dr. Rashel will explain the meaning of your test results to you in your initial follow-up consultation. She will also create an individualized health program for you which will include one or more of the following: dietary changes, nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormones, thyroid supplementation, other more natural medications, exercise, lifestyle and stress management and if needed further testing recommendations.

Subsequent consultations are scheduled to monitor your progress, follow up on abnormal lab results and assess improvement, monitor nutrient and hormone levels, and modify your program.

In general, most patients especially those with any chronic health problem can plan on the new patient consultation, Initial Follow up and about 4 follow-up appointments after that within a one-year period of time. Once health is balanced and protocols followed and maintained the average patient can expect to return to a functional medicine physician about two times per year for follow up.

*Note that with this kind of plan pharmaceutical medications can not be ordered. The focus will be on your specific history, root causes and potential imbalances as well as specific diet, lifestyle discussion. You will be given targeted specific nutrients that will address your symptoms and a prescribed personalized lifestyle plan which often produces remarkable results.

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