Healing Purpose

Our Healing Purpose

Our purpose and mission is to protect your health, prevent and reverse chronic disease, and first do no harm, and do it holistically with evidence based medicine using the most natural, safe and effective treatments possible

To first do no harm and within that premise help each patient attain the greatest level of well-being possible.  To outline a road map that can be followed in order to preserve and protect optimal health, prevent disease, and reinstate a state of optimal health. To reverse the disease process by attention to the core elements of health and investigating and addressing the underlying causes and multifactorial triggers of dis-ease considering the unique individual, their environment, body, mind and spirit rather than using pharmaceutical drugs alone to mask symptoms.


At Advance Health Integrative And Functional Medicine, Dr Rashel Tahzib founder dedicates her heart and soul to her patients in addition to her knowledge, clinical expertise and personal experience.

With over 20 years of experience, her evidence based scientific approach and knowledge of Functional Medicine, combined with her personal experience with the health and disease process leads to the evolutionary personalized medicine she offers that works remarkably with her patients.

Dedicated to restoring the body’s intrinsic healing process, Dr Tahzib holds steadfast to the doctrine of first do no harm.  Often in the medical world, treatments used to address one symptoms cause serious negative health effects and creates other disease.  We address your health holistically using evidence based medicine, with the most natural, safe and effective means possible. 

Dr Rashel believes that health is your birth right and your body has the ability to heal give the right circumstances. It is our highest priority to help you live thee life you were meant to live that is one lived with optimal health and vitality and we have incorporated this into our healing purpose .

We routinely help patients with complex health problems, patients who have been to multiple other clinics and famous health centers only to find that they have not healed, nor do they even truly know what is causing their problems. 

We see patients who have been told their symptoms are in their mind, patients who have been told just eat less, and those who have been dismissed or avoided and labelled as a ‘difficult patient’ because they suffer from problems like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, or irritable bowel syndrome or autoimmune disease and don’t exactly fit into a box.

At Advance Health Integrative And Functional Medicine Los Angeles and Denver, we welcome these patients and have excellent breakthrough results working with them because of our principles, healing purpose and relentlessness to find answers even it means digging through the research and putting many extra hours in to do so.

We believe one size does not fit all, you do not have to fit in the box, you are unique just as your medical care  should be. 

Our Healing Purpose is woven into our Integrative and
Functional Medicine Practice

Some of the conditions we routinely treat integrating the best of family medicine, functional medicine and anti-aging medicine include:

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