Chelation Therapy And Heavy metal Detoxification

Toxins are culprits that are among the root cause of many diseases. In our modern world and especially here in the US, we are bathed in toxins. Certain toxins that are banned all over the world are legal in the United States and we as a people and our children are exposed to these dangerous chemicals. Toxins ultimately cause diseases such as autoimmune disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, dementia, infertility, neurological disease, chronic fatigue and can be the root causes of many other known diseases.

Earlier symptoms of toxicity can include fatigue, brain fog, attention deficit, tremors, muscle twitches, muscle aches, hormone imbalance, testosterone deficiency, weakness, headaches.

Toxins include heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, lead, cadmium, thallium, uranium, other environmental toxins such as plastics, phthalates, Bisphenol A (BPA, benzene, Fluoride, parabens, perchlorate.

Toxins also include bacterial, parasitic or fungal metabolites resulting from gastrointestinal microbial imbalance, pesticides in our food like roundup, GMO’s, and pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Stress and negative emotions are also toxins for the body. 

Our body has an innate detoxification mechanism which eliminates toxins at its own unique rate based on genetics, nutrient status and overall health.

When toxins are being put into the body faster than the body is able to eliminate them, the system in essence boils over and disease process manifests. 

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We have been conditioned to believe of disease as an entity that stands in and of itself, and to believe we don’t really know where it comes from, how it got here, and that we are ultimately powerless against it. This is the line of thinking we have been led to learn and believe both as a people in this society and as medical doctors, based on what they told us is true in medical school and specialty medical training.

The question is ultimately “who” is doing the teaching? What institutions, corporations and industries truly fund medical education in the United States? Thats something we can all investigate and learn more about. But when it comes to viewing disease as mysterious and all empowering and people powerless against it, except when it comes to pilling on pharmaceutical drugs and surgical interventions, well, essentially this is an outdated and false dogma. We do know where most all disease stems from, and can investigate the root causes including the bodies toxic burden and offer treatments that actually address the root cause rather than offering patients disease management at best in conventional medicine. When I work with my patients, managing a disease is not my goal in any way, we will work together to unveil the root causes of disease or ill symptoms, and once uncovered address those causes.

Therefore my goal with my patients as should be your ultimate goal when we work together is disease process reversal and restoration of balance and optimal health in the body. This is what we work towards depending on how advanced a disease process is and how long one has been suffering from the symptoms of the disease.

Clearly the sooner one addresses ill symptoms from the root cause the better and faster chance at recovery and the longer symptoms are ignored, diseases labelled and masked by pharmaceutical drugs that themselves are a toxic burden on the body frequently, the more work we will have to do together and the longer it may take, but it is always possible. If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms or any ill symptom or if you have multiple symptoms or areas of your health that have gone astray, there is a good chance toxins can be the problem or at least a series part of the problem.

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