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With obesity being an epidemic in the US today and affecting just under half the adult population, and affects about 20% of us children that is 13.7 million children in the US plus are obese. The root causes are the corruption in our food industry, hidden hormones, chemicals and sugars in our food labelled as food when in fact what is being consumed are chemicals that wreak havoc on a persons metabolism.

This compounded by the fact that the system as a whole is often compromised as a result of iatrogenic meaning prescribed by physicians often unnecessary antibiotics and drugs that destroy the integrity of the gut and a healthy microbiome and the imbalanced gut flora further adds to and or causes obesity.

Environmental toxins also can contribute and or cause obesity while toxins in general disrupt our hormonal system including the balance of your thyroid hormones, cortisol, insulin and sex hormones and further significantly can contribute to obesity.

There is also decreased physical activity. Weight loss is probably the most advertised propagated industry and bring in lots of income for many. The sad thing is that almost all of what is advertised does not address the heart of the matter which is what I described above. We can never address a condition by advertising a quick fix, a shot, a pill, a single therapy.

This is almost always fake, for lack of a better word. It may sound good to vulnerable individuals suffering from the condition hoping for that one quick and easy fix however following that road just results in wasted money, rebound worsening of the problem and being taken advantage of.

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With my patients we never try to lose weight. Loosing unwanted or extra weight is a byproduct of everything else that we do. Meaning when we balance the gut, rid the body of toxins and supports nutrients, balance hormones and then may add additional targeted special research based targeted nutriceuticals aimed at optimizing metabolism, hormones, insulin sensitivity, fat loss and more we have amazing results. All this is done in the milieu of a personalized food plan.

The goal should never be to just lose weight without addressing the root cause, and we can take it further and say yes for example hypothyroidism can result in weight gain however obesity is not the result of hypothyroidism because hypothyroidism itself is a symptom of other underlying problems that must be addressed to achieve long term success, health and well being rather than yoyo weight changes and dieting that result almost always in gaining the weight back and the fluctuations and fad diets themselves further compromise metabolism, hormone balance and add to long-term risk of obesity.


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