Becoming a Patient

At Advance Health Functional medicine, we want you to feel comfortable before beginning your journey to wellness and optimal health with us.

We know that your health is your greatest asset and the choice of who to trust with it is a personal and important one. We also want you to understand how the care we provide is different and want to make sure that you are a fit for our practice and share the same health goals.

Our main goal is to restore your health and vitality and promote and protect your optimal health. This is very different than traditional conventional medicine where there is no goal of healing but rather a goal of symptom management. We will help you address the root causes of chronic health concerns rather than just the symptoms. In this model of care the patient and the physician are partners and each must do their part.

In this model we will investigate the root causes of your problems and provide you with a clear path on how to eliminate disease in your body and regain optimal health and vitality.

This is different than conventional medicine model of simply prescribing the dictated pharmaceutical drugs to manage your pain or help you live with your disease.

In order to achieve health you are accountable for following the right steps that will be outlined for you.

These are different and more involved than just taking a few pharmaceutical drugs day in and out and seeing your traditional medicine doctor to increase the dose or add another drug.

To help you understand what we do, and how we do it, we encourage you to fully explore the educational information we have provided for you.


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