Insulin Resistance/Abdominal Obesity

Abdominal obesity is a an epidemic in and of itself and part of the obesity epidemic effecting about half of the adult population and 20% of children. Obesity and specifically abdominal obesity is closely tied to insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. It is not enough to tell someone they don’t have diabetes, the only parameter addressed by conventional medicine.

You can have normal blood sugar and normal Hemoglobin A1C, a marker for diabetes, but still have severe insulin resistance, which is a risk factor for numerous diseases like heart disease and cancer and causes inflammation, vascular remodeling, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and even dementia.

Its fair to say that almost always if there is extra fat on the abdomen, of course this has different degrees, but there is a degree of insulin resistance going on. To go after ‘weight loss’ without addressing the underlying factors like insulin resistance is counter intuitive.

To appropriately address insulin resistance and abdominal obesity it is crucial to balance all hormones including adrenal stress hormones, sex hormones, and thyroid hormones.

Your hormones are all interconnected interacting with one another just like a musical symphony. Just as in a symphony if one instrument is off key the whole orchestra goes off balance so too are our hormones if one is out of balance they all go off balance and problems arise.


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It is also essential to correctly identify and treat thyroid dysfunction and hypothyroidism to successfully treat insulin resistance because hypothyroidism can contribute to insulin resistance.

Aside from hormone imbalance, of course lifestyle and diet play the most significant role in developing insulin resistance. But there can be other factor at play as well, such as environmental toxicity and gastrointestinal microbial imbalance.
Environmental toxicity is linked with obesity and insulin resistance as is change in the gut microflora.

To successfully reach and maintain an optimal weight and specifically have and maintain a healthy normal body composition all these factors must be addressed.

My approach to insulin resistance and abdominal obesity includes first successfully identifying it as is seldom done in conventional medicine by monitoring relevant labs other than just ruling out diabetes, then using personalized medicine to create the best plan for each unique patient that includes diet and lifestyle changes as well as identifying underlying factors that are contributing to insulin resistance and abdominal obesity like those mentioned above including hormone imbalance, hypothyroidism, and toxicity. 

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To start addressing the root causes of this problem and heal from it you can start by filling out our New patient inquiry form and or the Online Health Assessment. To start your journey to feeling better and looking better right away you can get started with the Advance HealthRestore Detox 6 Day Program and the Cardio-Metabolism Fit Kit!


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