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Moving with ease and comfort is essential to living a happy life and getting to all life demands and activities. Muscle and Joint Comfort Kit nourishes your body’s muscle and joints allowing you to move more freely, without the aggravating aches and pains associated with muscles cramping, soreness or joint pain.

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Moving with ease and comfort is essential to living a happy life and getting to all life demands and activities. Muscle and Joint Comfort Kit nourishes your body’s muscle and joints allowing you to move more freely, without the aggravating aches and pains associated with muscles cramping, soreness or joint pain.

  • Supports Joint and Cartilage Health
  • Helps Relieve Minor Pain
  • Associated With Physical Activity
  • Supports A Healthy Balanced
    Inflammatory And Immune Response
  • Promotes Healthy Muscle
  • Function And Healthy Nerve Conduction
  • Supports Bone Health and Bone Density
  • Can Help Relieve Tight Aching Muscles, and Muscle Cramping
  • Provides Antioxidant and Cell-Protective Activity.

Anyone who has experienced muscle and or joint pains knows very well that it can get in the way of virtually every aspect of your life.  Aggravating aches and pains, muscle stiffness, cramping or soreness makes it hard to get through daily activities or feel joyful.  The good news is when we offer the right support to our body our body’s respond rather quickly. Giving your muscles, nerves, and joints the right nutrients and nourishing them and supporting muscles and joints with high potency powerful herbal formulas that balance inflammatory and immune response can bring ease back to your movements and help alleviate pain, stiffness, cramping and soreness plus these powerful nutrients offer your body countless other benefits that support and improve your overall health and well being. 

Health Restore Muscle and Joint Comfort Kit includes three of the most effective nutritional formulas for muscle and joint health and comfort. 

Collagen Protein Powder gives your body the key amino acids your body uses to nourish and support your joints, muscles, bones, skin and gut. You can easily mix into smoothies, shakes and even your favorite deserts and dishes. Wellness Magnesium Ultra-Absorb gives your body the essential mineral that is used in over 400 bodily reactions including muscle health in especially chelated forms that make it absorbable and usable by your body.  Curcumin Pure Extract is a 100% pure turmeric extract used for thousands of years and backed by tremendous amount research for numerous health benefits including alleviating joint and muscle pain and balancing inflammatory response. 

Collagen protein is a special type of protein that is like a glue that holds all your body together as connective tissue, and makes up about 30% of your body’s total protein.  Collagen contains key amino acids needed for optimal function and regeneration of joints, cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, bone density, skin, teeth, veins and arteries and healthy gut barrier. Dietary collagen peptides are ideal for supporting your body’s collagen turnover and renewal.  Since these processes go on continually, it’s important to make sure your body has the necessary raw materials needed to build healthy new tissue.  Dietary proteins such as beef, chicken or fish can provide these, however collagen itself is a much more concentrated source, therefore it can be a more effective choice especially when you have a health and wellness goal related to collagen as a structural protein, such as supporting the strength and flexibility of bones, muscles, tendons and cartilage, as well as the appearance of skin and nails, and GI tract health.  Many individuals the elderly in particular, do not consume adequate protein and others like athletes or those who engage in regular exercise or anyone who needs to support their body in a recovery process have a higher need for these proteins.  Even when there is adequate protein intake the richest sources of dietary collagen, tendons, bones skin and cartilage are not regularly eaten in our western diet. The source of my Health Restore Collagen Protein Powder is from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, and it is 100% non-GMO.  Collagen Protein Powder can be easily incorporated into daily shakes & smoothies, coffee or tea, soups, stews and other foods, deserts and beverages, making it a convenient way to ensure your body has adequate intake of these unique amino acids. 

I call magnesium the ‘Wellness And Feel Good Mineral’ is used in enzymatic reactions in virtually all tissues in your body, and it is the fourth most abundant mineral in your body.   I always say, if I was to be stranded on an island and I could only take one supplement it would be hard to choose, but I would choose Wellness Magnesium!  Magnesium has countless important functions in the body and is used in over 400 reactions in the body so when magnesium is deficient you can really feel the negative symptoms such as the aches and pains, muscle stiffness and cramps, mood changes and anxiety, even changes in blood sugar and heart function like heart palpitations and irregular rhythm. 

Magnesium is involved in the health of your bones and teeth, maintaining healthy muscles including your heart muscle, how you metabolize carbohydrates, blood glucose, fats, and proteins, and helps form your cells and tissues and more. Magnesium  Deficiency is very common and can result from poor dietary intake, poor absorption due to gut issues, excessive losses from the body due to stress, chronic illness, exercise, alcohol intake, and drinking mostly “soft” water can all contribute to magnesium depletion.   Magnesium deficiency contributes to inflammation, muscle spasms and cramps, poor bone health, abnormal heart rhythms, blood sugar problems, anxiety and mood problems.

Not all Magnesium is the same or absorbable by your body as I always say you are not what you eat or take but rather what you actually absorb.   Some kinds of magnesium are used as laxatives because they are not absorbed such as Magnesium Oxide.  Wellness Magnesium Ultra-Absorb contains magnesium amino acid chelates as magnesium lysinate glycinate and dimagnesium malate—both formulated for enhanced absorption, so the magnesium can get to the tissues, muscles, and bones where its needed. 

Curcumin Pure Extract is one of the most absorbable and bioavailable 100% pure turmeric extract available today.  Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in ancient medicine across the world and backed by numerous studies establishing its countless health benefits.  Curcumin  can help modulate your body’s healthy inflammatory response.  When it comes to pain and inflammation it can function like a natural fire extinguisher.  It also promotes healthy and balanced immune function and fights free radicals like no other.  It has numerous other health benefits including promoting cardiovascular health, liver health, supporting mood, cognition, colon and breast health and optimal detoxification, but also significantly can help improve muscle and joint health and comfort allowing you to move more freely and comfortably.  While the beneficial effects of curcumin are hardly arguable, an area of intense research is how to make curcumin more bioavailable and absorbable by the body. Curcumin Pure Extract features BCM-95  a 100% natural whole turmeric extract composed of 86% curcuminoids and 7%-9% essential oils.* Essential oils are a natural component of the turmeric rhizonatural composition and optimize the bioavailability and reflect the true turmeric identity and as a result deliver optimal health benefits. 

Muscle & Joint Comfort Kit is perfect for anyone who

  • Has joint pain or stiffness
  • Has muscle pain, cramping, or spasm
  • Wants to promote a healthy inflammatory and immune response
  • Is looking for natural, physician formulated, pain support
  • Wants to support athletic ability and post workout recovery
  • Wants to support cartilage, bone and joint health 
  • Wants to support muscle and joint flexibility 


How do I use the Muscle and Joint Comfort Kit?

The Health Restore Muscle and Joint Comfort Kit is designed to be used daily as part of your daily routine. I love Collagen Protein Powder because it can be enjoyed and used in different ways. and can be. You can always just mix one scoop with eight ounces of water just make sure to first put in the power into your glass and then add water or beverage of your choice for best consistency.  The great thing about Collagen Protein Powder is that you can also mix it into hot or cold beverages and foods, such as your coffee or tea, soups and stews, sauces, yogurt, dairy or non-dairy milks, mashed potatoes or cauliflower, and homemade desserts.  

Wellness Magnesium Ultra-Absorb is taken daily one too two capsules twice daily.  You may take it with or without food.  For more support its best to take two capsules twice daily and some even choose to take higher doses based on their need depending on their body’s magnesium stores, wasting and depletion. It is noteworthy that on occasion and in some Magnesium may cause loose bowels although the forms of magnesium used in Wellness Magnesium are least likely to do that compared to other forms of magnesium like Magnesium Oxide, however if this happens just back off meaning take one to two capsules twice daily. Many people actually suffer from constipation and due to its many important functions in the body Wellness magnesium also contributes to bowel regularity.  Curcumin Pure Extract is taken one capsule twice daily.  Ideally you may take it without food, on an empty stomach or in between meals as the highly absorbable nature of the BCM-95 technology used to formulate Curcumin Pure Extract, it is readily absorbable by your body, and does not need to be taken with food in order to be used efficiently, this also helps the digestive process not interfere with its absorption structure. 

Does black pepper need to be taken with curcumin to make it effective?

No, it does not. Some curcumin supplements that have issues with making the product absorbable add black pepper extract (piperine) to try to make up for the products lower absorption, Curcumin Pure Extract is designed specifically to be the most absorbable form of curcumin on the market today. The BCM-95 form of delivery dramatically increases its absorption and bioavailability.   This is especially good news for people who have sensitivities to black pepper and those looking for maximum quality and absorption curcumin available.

Can I take Health Restore Muscle and Joint Comfort Kit with other medications?

If you have a very serious medical condition such as cancer or are taking blood thinners consult your healthcare practitioner prior to use to discuss potential interactions.

Can I take Dr Rashel’s Health Restore Muscle and Joint Comfort Kit with other kits or supplements from the Health Restore store?

The supplements recommended by me are generally very safe to be taken along with other medications or high quality nutritional supplements. Exceptions to this are if you have a very serious medical condition and if you are using prescription medication that contraindicate other supplements.  As always however I recommend that you speak with your primary care physician if you have concerns before starting new supplements.

Can my child use use the Muscle and Joint Comfort Kit supplements?

The ingredients in Joint and Muscle Comfort Kit are completely natural and many choose to start their older children or teenagers on the supplements. However I always recommend speaking to your pediatrician before starting new supplements to make sure their full health and medical history is considered.

Is it safe for the Supplements in the Joint and Muscle Comfort Kit to be taken by those who are pregnant or nursing?

When pregnant or nursing it is very important to always speak to your obstetrician or health care provider before starting any new supplements. It is best to wait until after nursing and pregnancy to start any new gut detox or other detox programs.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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Formulas Do Not Contain: 

Wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, soy, dairy products, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives 


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